SSDA entry by Osemhen Akhibi


They stood together on the rooftop terrace of his grandmother’s house. Tomorrow, he would be off to Port Harcourt. He didn’t know when he would return, she didn’t know if she’d survive if he didn’t.
“That’s Orion.” He whispered as he pointed to the sky.
“Orion. In Greek mythology, he’s a huntsman. You can see his outline traced by that star, this one, this one…”
She squinted at the stars. “I can’t see it.”
“Look there…”
“Why are you whispering?”
“Because it’s romantic.” He whispered.
She laughed. He took her right hand and brought it to his lips.
“I’ll come back, Adesua. I don’t know when but I’ll come back for you.”


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