The Invisible Boy by Tolu Talabi


John was 15 when he discovered he could turn invisible. He dropped out of school a year later, on a quest for quick money.

He was 18 when he was caught. Trapped in a bank vault naked, amidst huge bags of money, unable to figure out how to carry them out unseen.

He cried throughout the trial, interrupting the proceedings with loud outbursts cursing his fate. He slipped in and out of sight as his mood oscillated, the bright orange prison jumpsuit and handcuffs hanging empty in the air when he was invisible.

He got 20 years in prison.

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    • 🙂
      Not really. But if you liked Jumper, read Fade. It is a lot darker, and closer to this than Jumper is. This came out of a piece I was trying to write about how useless some superpowers (here, being invisible) would really be. Can’t drive a car, can’t take a bus (someone is bound to sit on your naked lap unless you hung on it outside), can’t even really enter banks, because all the banks here have that annoying music rotating glass trap doors.
      And even if you found something that fit the power, you’d realize you would have to do it naked. It is a lose-lose situation.

  1. Laughing at this twist to how the world sees superpowers, i guess they aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. But then, I guess he doesn’t have to serve the term as he can always walk out of the prison?

  2. really i’m so sorry i havent read fade but i have seen jumper and if u also have you shoulda thought further about how the originality of your piece could have a shadow of doubt cast on it.

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