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Linguistic Playfulness started out with a series of the members’ workshop stories (WS). Some of these stories are stand-alone, others are part of a larger story. But all show the variety that is present within the group.

Next up are a series of assignments, writing tasks with specific challenges. Some will be goofy, others serious. We will explain the rules before each submission so you can help us judge if the writer achieves his goal.

We. Write. are a series of uncategorised stories posted at random by members of the group.

We completed the 20 Day Challenge with daily posts everyday for 20 days from different members, and stalled on the Collaborative Story Chain.


Our entries for Short Story Day Africa. Create a story in 100 words or less. Short and sweet.

You can explore the other works of the writers through their personal blogs, or here on the About Us page




Hi, all.

Sorry for the hiatus, it’s inexcusable. You’d expect writers to well… write fairly constantly, wouldn’t you? And some of us have been writing on our own blogs. Pemi, for one, writes every week on AfroSays and TheToolsman’s Blog. Glory writes on BellaNaija, and every now and then, Osemhen puts up a post on Eurekanaija.

This week, we gave ourselves an exercise to do.
The exercise (posted below) was interpreted by the members of the group and their story answers are posted as well.
Help us judge which stories work and which don’t. And who answers the exercise question best.

A middle-age man is waiting at a bus stop. He has just learned that his son has died violently. Describe the setting from the man’s point of view WITHOUT telling your reader what has happened. How will the street look to this man? What are the sounds? Odors? Colors? That this man will notice? What will his clothes feel like? Write a 300 word description.

Essay question: The Bus Stop exercise