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Breaking up the Silence by Lauri Kubuitsile


They spoke their first words at 8:51 am.

“You forgot to buy milk yesterday,” she said.

“Ya… sorry,” he said in return.

Then silence again. A big chunk of it. Not so heavy anymore, though. Just silence. Not companionable. Just what it was. He was used to it now.

He eats. She reads the newspaper. He drinks his tea without milk hoping to leave enough so she doesn’t have to. He washes his dishes and goes outside.

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WS 13: A Shift in the Wind By Lauri Kubuitsile


This is the beginning of a very interesting story by Lauri.

You can read her Caine Prize shortlisted story here. Keep an eye out for much more from her.


Maybe it was the updraft that pushed empty plastic bags high into the sky to dance around in the sunlight with a never before sought for freedom (for plastic bags have few aspirations), or maybe it was the westerly direction of the wind, when everyone knew weather never snuck in from the dry and lonely Kgalagadi. No one knew exactly what had caused it all, but everyone agreed, that from the day the wind shifted, there was no way to go back to the way things had been before, because when the wind changed so did everything it touched.

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