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The Guidance Counsellor by Tahirah Abdulazeez


He leaned forward, pointing his index finger downwards. It hovered inches away from the cap of a Bic biro balanced on an eraser, a make-shift see-saw.

‘You are here. Alone’

His finger migrated in the air, over the body of the pen. It came to a stop in the middle.

‘But this, here, is the centre of the universe, where the energy of the world collects’

He let his index finger drift back, to the tip of the blue cap.

‘Adebisi, you are off kilter. Understand?’

She did.

Failing chemistry was tantamount to falling off the face of the Earth.


Abuja by Olumide Owoo


“President Goodluck’s election is a first for Ijaws,” reports NNN’s Richard Kuwesti. “People now have hope that anyone can be president in the world’s most powerful country.” At the inauguration, Nammy winner D’Banj sang his hit “Tongolo”.
The only sour note was American president Barry O’Brien who, reeling from wheat subsidy protests, still insisted on attending with fifty guests.
President Goodluck was diplomatic. “One must be sensitive to the challenges in less developed nations. We will continue to assist them. In fact, next week we are sending a team of EFCC officials out there to conduct training for the FBI.”

SSDA entry by Gboyega Otolorin


“Once upon a time, in the kingdom of the black mangoes, there lived a man named Analaw.

One day, Analaw walked far. Where no one else had ever gone. In this place, Analaw found a wonder: yellow mangoes. Analaw took as many as he could and when he returned, he told everyone, “Look! See what I have found!”

The people oohed. The people aahed. Never had they seen such bright delights. The king declared, “Henceforth, the fruit of our land!” And everyone rushed to taste one.

But, alas, the yellow mangoes were poisonous. And all who ate of them, died.